The legal system is quite complex and includes many different occupations to keep it running smoothly. While most people think of criminals, judges, and lawyers as being the only parties that make up a courtroom, there are other highly important people that can truly make or break a court case. Without accurate Irvine court reporters at AMK Reporting and Videoconferencing Services, legal documents could significantly change the outcome of cases.

While today’s court reporting technology has made it possible to have easily searchable documents and highly accurate data, technology sometimes fails. Court reporters that are experienced and have been well trained can make up for the failings of a computer system or other technology. Rather than relying on computers, many courts see a court reporter as a valuable asset to the legal system.

Because many court cases can be emotionally intense or stressful situations for almost everyone involved, having an accurate court reporter is essential. The ability to translate jumbled speech that may not be picked up by translation devices is something that takes practice and experience. One misunderstanding in a courtroom can sometimes change the entire course of a case, resulting in a life-changing conviction for someone. Having accurate Orange County court reporters in the courtroom can help those in the legal field keep cases on track with legal documentation that is both precise and complete, making it a necessity in today’s courtrooms.