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This is a common enough question with an easy enough answer: Yes!

In this day and age, legal videoconferencing has become a crucial aspect of the world of law. Sometimes, legal teams are comprised of people not only across a state, but across the country and even the world. It can be a pain to get each and every aspect of a case together when it’s difficult to get into contact with everyone at once.

Legal videoconferencing eliminates that struggle. By scheduling a videoconferencing service with AMK Reporting, clients can speed up the communication process, have better long-distance collaboration between partners, better prepare their witnesses for trial, and reduce travel expenses, all while utilizing the best technology available in the world of legal videoconferencing. Clients who know about AMK’s quality of court reporting know that, when it comes to legal videoconferencing, AMK Reporting is the only court reporting firm in southern California to turn to.

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