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The Basics of a Successful Deposition

Make Your Deposition Count with AMK Reporting!

What is a Deposition?

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Even though they are not required by law, experts agree that depositions are one of the most important resources an attorney can have. Forming a deposition is the process of gathering a full profile of facts and testimony regarding a legal professional’s current case. As a formal investigation, every witness is questioned under oath. The questions and answers are recorded by our Orange County court reporters and put into a transcript for analysis at a later date.


The Purpose of a Deposition

Attorneys use depositions to form a cohesive narrative to present in the courtroom. Even though the main purpose is to act as an investigation for the opposing counsel, depositions can also serve as a practice session for witnesses. By having a firm grasp on what should be said, the opposing counsel will have a harder time poking holes in your witness’ story. If discrepancies between the opposing counsel’s witness’ testimony and their deposition arise, you will be able to point that out.


Forming a Solid Defense

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Inconsistencies are what ruin a case. If the case is reported upon by legal news sites, it is these inconsistencies that will be brought to light. By having a deposition first, witnesses will know what they should and should not say, though the best way to ensure accuracy is to be truthful. Any answer is acceptable if truthful, and if a witness is confused about a vague question, asking for clarification is a great way to guarantee an unwavering deposition.


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