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What Makes Realtime Reporting Unique

Is Realtime Reporting Right for You?


There is a common question about court reporting: what makes realtime reporting different from other forms of court reporting? The answer is simple– instead of the court reporter typing up their notes into “regular English” at a later time, realtime court reporting instantly translates the court reporter’s notes. This allows attorneys and judges to have instant access to the transcript the minute the court is adjourned, which is incredibly beneficial to the proceeding of the case. These transcripts can be emailed or printed immediately following the trial or deposition.

Because the translated as the court reporter is reporting as opposed to after, this allows the reporter to display the transcript for attorneys and legal professionals to see in real time. Attorneys can read along with what is being said and ensure that their client’s answer was exactly what it needed to be, or if maybe a question needs to be asked a second time in another way. This is an excellent resource for the deaf and hard-of-hearing, as it is generally faster than sign language.

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This makes summarizing the events of a deposition or trial far easier, as professionals can easily search key words and phrases in the document. Judges and attorneys also have the ability to look over the testimony to make notes without without pausing legal proceedings. In some cases, court reporters can even hook up their laptop to an attorney’s so the attorney has complete, immediate access to what the court reporter is typing. Some software may be needed to make this work properly, however.

Our realtime reporters at Abrams, Mah & Kahn make the process of receiving and deciphering a transcript far easier than ever before. Contact us now to learn more about or realtime reporters, or any other litigation service.

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